Commercial Print
Our commercial print division has a wide range of equipment specifically designed to fulfill a diverse range of requirements. From elaborate 4-color brochures and direct mail to basic stationery and business cards, Integrity Print can manage your company’s brand across all your marketing collateral and general printed products. We love print! Our innovative Print Marketing Services can help your company increase brand awareness as well as bring new life to your print brochures and all your print business needs. Every day we see so many amazing looking print pieces of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Print Advertising is so valuable in getting the heartbeat of your business across. It truly does reflect the sincerity and drive of a business. All print advertising have one common denominator; they are all expressing themselves loudly to your clients. Allow us to come along side of you in your quest to produce a long lasting impression. As the nation’s leading printing and direct mailing service we will gladly help and assist you. Please see below some of the areas we can help you. If you don’t see what you are looking for, feel free to call us. We can most likely do it.
Why Choose Us?
By listening to our customers and understanding your values and aspirations, we can provide creative print solutions of highest quality at reasonable cost, giving you the required competitive edge.
  • Our wide range of applications experience and creativity
  • Flexibility of printing on an ever-increasing range of materials/surfaces with no need for additional finishing or over-laminating
  • Versatile print run sizes, even short runs at competitive prices
  • Variable data capability
  • High resolution, outstanding near photographic quality, even up close
  • Durability of print
  • Color managed output – our capability to manage projects accurately by closely reproducing specified colors using sophisticated color management profiles using our team of skilled professionals with backgrounds in the Printing and Mailing Services industry.
  • Cost effective service with high print speeds for short to medium run campaigns, therefore quick job turnaround
  • In-house pre-press, digital UV direct to rigid media and screen process printing and print finishing services for a complete in-house service. Awareness of your specific market sector needs
Concern about our Environment
Over the last few years we have implemented many changes to the way we operate our Printing and Mailing Services that helps to reduce our effect on the environment. We use paper and board from sustainable sources, use zero emission inks in UV printing processes and recycle as much as possible. We manage our Printing and Mailing Service facilities to ensure that where safer less environmentally hazardous materials are available we operate a substitution scheme ensuring continuous improvement. We sponsor and support local community organizations who require our specialized printing services to promote events and enhance their profiles.