Integrity Print Services| Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns – Servicing All New and Used Car Dealers

Integrity Print Services’ Automotive Direct Mail Department is run by our Print Auto Mail Website. We make it our priority to come along side of Automotive Dealerships with the mind-set of creating successful automotive direct mail campaigns. With the economics in mind, we understand that we all need a chance to DO MORE AND PAY LESS. Our Print Auto Mail department is more than just your typical Automotive Direct Mail Company.

As a premier Automotive Direct Mail company we are out to GIVE YOU MORE and SAVE YOU MONEY with quality new car mailers, used car mailers and staffed event mailers.

We have accomplished this by developing a highly integrated Automotive Internet and Direct mail Marketing Campaigns. We bring both the traditional Automotive Direct Mail and the emerging markets together (see our Automotive Internet Marketing section for more details) as well.

We also utilize our many years of experience in the Automotive Direct Mail industry to better further the response rates of your campaigns. We have studied and have seen many behavioral changes in the consumers buying patterns. We have placed our focus and efforts on mastering the art of seeing where your customers are and meet them there. This has allowed us to maximize your dollars spent and has created a vacuum of success for our Automotive Dealers.

Let us surpass your expectations in what an Automotive Direct Mail company visit our printautomail site today!